Best Automatic Scheduling Tool for Instagram

Planning Services for Manual Posts to Instagram As a social media marketer, one tool I can’t live without is a scheduling service for Instagram. Apps and softwares like Latergram, Takeoff (from Crowdfire), Hootsuite, Onlypult (formerly Instapult), Machinegram, Mass Planner, and Autogrammer are some of the many planning tools that offer “scheduling services”. Unfortunately, none of the above tools automatically post what has already been scheduled. Instead, the user receives … Continue reading Best Automatic Scheduling Tool for Instagram

Spell Check Dependent

The computer is killing my spelling skills. Thanks little red lines that I totally depend on. Have you ever noticed you can spell a word correctly when your handwrite, but when you type you misspell the same word? My hand muscle memory is a better speller than my finger muscle memory, and I blame spell check on the computer. Having knowledge at your fingertips instead … Continue reading Spell Check Dependent