A Bright Look for Gloomy Weather

Stay with me as we go on a 5,629-mile journey from San Francisco to Luxembourg. This California girl is no longer soaking in the fog and wind in SF. Instead, I’ve decided to start again in Europe, and the first stop is¬†in Luxembourg.

Full of mystical views and enchanted forest, Luxembourg is truly a hidden gem of Europe. With a population roughly the size of L.A. and a country the size of L.A. County, the country is barely visible on the map. Nestled between Germany, Belgium, and France, Luxembourg is a mix of European culture.

Stay tuned for more about Luxembourg in the travel section.

The below outfit has a lot going on. There are quilted textures, embroidered patterns and high contrast with a mix of bright and dull colors. (Bright purse, dull shoes, and sunglasses; bright tops and dull pants.)


Glasses: Monday Motorbike

Coat: Burberry (Stay tuned for the crazy story that landed me this jacket. Surprise ghosts are involved.)

Purse: Furla

Pants: Dakoia Collective

Shoes: Madden Girl


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