5 Things To Do After a Breakup

A divorce can be a depressing loss that sends you running for the hills or around the globe like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. Your newfound, empty time can be punishing. Or it can be an opportunity to do something better – to improve yourself and your situation. And in that case, a divorce can be a beginning worth celebrating.

1. Hug yourself


It may be tempting to cut town Eat Pray Love style, but you’ve already gone through a massive change. Leaving behind your friends and family can dismantle your emotional support system, and leave you feeling lonelier. Instead give yourself a couple 20-second hugs per day. Look inward with appreciation and enjoy your alone time.

2. Do take time to be single


It can be tempting to fill your free time with a new love interest. But skip the rebound relationship and focus on rebounding yourself. What is something you enjoyed doing but stopped? What friendships need rekindling? Take time to revive the hobbies and relationships that defined you when you were single.

3. Have a laugh, host a roast


Celebrate your new beginning and lighten your mood by hosting a roast. Write jokes about your ex and have your friends do the same. Lay a photo of your ex on a chair, crack the champagne and let the laughter roll.

4. Primp Yourself


You might be itching to get a fresh start with a new haircut or clothing. Instead go for a lasting change: add (more) exercise into your routine. Use some of your newfound time to take one of those classes you’ve been dying to try like pole dancing, bikram yoga, or ballet barre. Exercise boosts your mood. And if you happen to show off a healthier happy you to your ex in the process, it’s an added treat!

5. Assert your Independence


Begin by reading the Separation Agreement. This is by far the least fun thing to do, but it can’t be avoided. Many agreements require action within days of signing. For example, do you need to make changes to the deed to the house, to insurance policies or retirement accounts? Don’t let things fall through the cracks. Take charge of your new independence.  

Relationships are about compromise and sacrifice, but single life is unencumbered. You’re free to do what’s best for you. Take time for introspection, pinpoint your passion and make you’re life the best it can be. Revive lost hobbies and rekindle dwindling friendships. Ignore the temptation to flee. This is a new beginning. Run towards it with open arms.

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