Hug Yourself Happy Book Review

Hug Yourself Happy by Stephanie Lisa Tara asks readers to step outside of their comfort zone for the benefit of all. Light hearted instruction accompany moving stories and point to the power of hugs.

Are you tackling tasks and responsibilities without happiness? Are you overlooking love in the quest to happiness? Tara offers a calming solution to help people find inner peace  and happiness. It’s a simple solution that many adults might have forgotten over the years. Hug yourself and hug others. Tara provides a special hug algorithm to unlock love.

Hug Yourself Happy beautifully voices all the silent messages of a hug. Tara breaks down different types of hugs, who should receive these hugs and what is taken away from the hug. While Tara speaks to the power of hugs within her own life, she’s also included several hugger testimonies for each of the 7 hug group: self hugs, companion hugs, kid hugs, pet hugs, stranger hugs, and nature hugs. The hugger testimonies are inspiring and touching stories of real people whose lives are on the brink of falling apart but are edge away from the cliff with a simple hug.

This book is both an instructive and introspective exercise in hugs. Don’t just hug, soak in the feelings and write them down. Journal space is provided to keep your hugs on track and to record changes in your or the hugee’s feelings.Tara is so confident in the hug algorithm, that she challenges anyone, who doesn’t feel transformed after a month to reach out to her.

I consider myself a quick to hug friend, but even I felt at odd with the idea of hugging a complete stranger. Living in San Francisco, I imagined hugging a stranger on the bus and felt uneasy. But the book explains how to hug a stranger properly. She offers advice and makes an initially uncomfortable idea seem approachable. By the end of the story you’re sad you forgot about hugs and hope you never forget again. You grab your dog, significant other, everyone that’s near, and you pull them into a giant bear hug.
Tara’s Book comes at a time when so many americans feel worried and children are voicing uncertainty about their fate. For those that feel like they can’t create change, take a note from Hug Yourself Happy. Hugs break boundaries built on differences and bring people closer. Hugs improve the mental and physical health of those involved. Hugs empower us and give us a sense of belonging, acceptance and love. Though this book is written for adults, all can appreciate its message. This book is for those seeking to pick themselves up and to spread the happiness. For the benefit of all, it’s time to join Tara’s hugging revolution!

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