5 Things To Do After a Breakup

A divorce can be a depressing loss that sends you running for the hills or around the globe like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. Your newfound, empty time can be punishing. Or it can be an opportunity to do something better – to improve yourself and your situation. And in that case, a divorce can be a beginning worth celebrating. 1. Hug yourself It … Continue reading 5 Things To Do After a Breakup

Fools’ Gold by Robert Sikorsky Review

Robert Sikorsy’s Fools’ Gold shows that there is an adventurer in all of us from the young to the old, and no one is spared who goes after the lost Dutchman’s mine. The book is a nonfiction account of Superstition Mountains in Arizona published in 1983. The author, who worked in a prospector’s camp in Superstition Mountains, switches between personal accounts and historical news articles. He … Continue reading Fools’ Gold by Robert Sikorsky Review

Hug Yourself Happy Book Review

Hug Yourself Happy by Stephanie Lisa Tara asks readers to step outside of their comfort zone for the benefit of all. Light hearted instruction accompany moving stories and point to the power of hugs. Are you tackling tasks and responsibilities without happiness? Are you overlooking love in the quest to happiness? Tara offers a calming solution to help people find inner peace  and happiness. It’s … Continue reading Hug Yourself Happy Book Review