Best Automatic Scheduling Tool for Instagram

Planning Services for Manual Posts to Instagram

As a social media marketer, one tool I can’t live without is a scheduling service for Instagram. Apps and softwares like Latergram, Takeoff (from Crowdfire), Hootsuite, Onlypult (formerly Instapult), Machinegram, Mass Planner, and Autogrammer are some of the many planning tools that offer “scheduling services”. Unfortunately, none of the above tools automatically post what has already been scheduled. Instead, the user receives a reminder that a post is scheduled for an upcoming time. Then, the user must manually post what they had previously scheduled. Therefore, I would label those services as planning tools rather than scheduling tools.

Scheduling Automated Posts for Instagram

Automated posts is a rare feature of scheduling services. Schedulgram and HopperHQ are essentially the only scheduling services which offer automated posts for Instagram. For 6-months, I used Schedulgram before giving HopperHQ a 6-month try. Both are for desktop.

Schedulgram benefits 

-Post photos and videos

-First Comment Scheduling – for Hashtags

-Counts how many hashtags are used

-Tag photos

-Edit photos

-Preview scheduled layout – to see how the posts align

Schedulgram cons

– First comments don’t always posts – this became such an issue that it prompted the switch to Hopperhq.

-Uploads and edits are slow compared to HopperHq

– Single uploads only (Bulk upload is for videos)

-Cannot select a cover photo for Videos

HopperHQ benefits 

-Post photos & videos – Hopperhq recently added the feature to post videos

-Scheduling format is tiled so you can see how the posts line up next to each other.

-First Comment Scheduling – for Hashtags

-Edit Photos (faster than Schedulgram)

– Upload multiple photos at once

-Drag and drop uploading from the computer

– Engaged Company – If an issue ever occurs, like the first comments didn’t post, the company drops you a personal message. The customer service team is active during business hours and responds promptly.

HopperHQ cons

#update: Hopper has been having consistent issues posting videos. Three videos post for each scheduled video. This has been severely cutting video engagement by 1/3. I brought this up to hopper a few weeks ago but unfortunately, the problem persists.

-Doesn’t count how many hashtags have been used, but does tell you when the limit is reached

-Cannot tag photos or locations

It’s difficult to find a reliable, automated scheduler. HopperHq has more than a few kinks to work out. While Schedulagram allows you to tag photos, it’s not worth the extra issues. As a social media marketer, I tend to post 4 photos a day on Instagram. When using Schedulgram, I had as many as 7 photos a week not post the first comment. Since first comment is used primarily for hashtags, this significantly affected post engagement; average likes dropped by more than 50% for some posts. In the end, using Schedulgram wasn’t worth it, and since I’ve switched to HopperHQ I have recent issues with overplaying and splitting the engagement across posts I’ll have to archive or delete.

In the end, my advice is to have low commitment to these services since bugs can arise months into use. Stay flexible and current on your scheduling options because you’ll never know who will clean up their bugs first.

To share your experience with any of the above or not mentioned scheduling services, please leave a comment below!

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