3 Romantic Stops in Paris


Recently, I returned from a nice European vacation. (If you can call it a vacation, I pulled 40-hour weeks for the watch company pictured at the end of the article.) One of my fun tasks was to get the travel scoop for romance lovers. The company loves gushy stuff; they’re suckers for romance. So they sent me to hunt down the most romantic spots around Paris. find the romance-sparkling, hidden gems of Paris. The cities not all romance, but these three spots definitely are.

A Wish for  a Kiss at Pont Marie


  1. Make a wish under the bridge Pont Marie. The first time you pass under the bridge, most likely on a boat tour, you can make a wish. For the wish to come true, you must kiss your neighbor.


Locked up Love at Pont Neur


  1. Pont Neuf from a distance glints of gold. At closer inspection, you’ll see that the bridge is packed full of locks. Couples from around the world come with locks bearing their initials and lock them to the fence for an everlasting love.


Eiffel Tower Seen from Boat Tour
  1. When the Eiffel Tower was built for the world fair, French people found it quick ugly and were afraid it would fall on them. They sent in angry letters to the newspapers complaining that the Eiffel Tower didn’t fit the feel of the city. The French novelist Guy de Maupassant purportedly said, “My favorite place to be in Paris is at the Eiffel Tower because it’s the only place I don’t have to look at it.” Yet when the Eiffel Tower is lit up at night, few monuments can rival its beauty. For Americans, the Eiffel Tower has always been a romantic icon and an obvious stop for couples touring the city.
Tree Hut Watch at the Louvre

Have you been to Paris? What would you say are the most romantic spots around town?

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