Bright Whites and Stripes at Sutro Baths

IMG_2130IMG_2138IMG_2152Top: Painted Threads | Sweater: Wild Pearl | Skirt : My own creation | Bag : Marc Jacobs | Shoes: Seychelles
I would never buy a sequin top from forever 21 but I got this tank top (under $10) from Nordstrom Rack and its held up. Wash after wash and the sequins stay beautifully in place. The sweater (under $15) is also from the Rack.
The skirt is a simple A line cut with a side zipper and. This is probably the easiest skirt to make, so the challenge was lining the stripes up nicely. Since there are patterns within the stripes this proved a bit difficult. In the end, it came out nicely. If readers are interested, I can add a DIY post on making a solid patterned a-line skirt. Just drop a comment below!
Sutro Baths is one of the Richmond Districts lost gems. Built in 1896 and burnt down in 1967 what remains of this structure is covered in graffiti and nature. To explore more of this site, check back for my travel post on Sutro Baths.

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