Purple Pleats and Polka dots Please



This spring outfit is all about purple, pleats, and polka dots. Even Spring is grey in San Francisco. That’s why I love washed out colors all year long and why I tend to wear them with black all year. There’s not much sun, but there’s nose reddening, ear drum ringing, strong wind. Especially here, at Ocean Beach.
Pleats keep in place when hair won’t. The imperial button up has pleated sleeves which are super defined in the wind.The Imperial skirt is ribbed and has a mini pleat look fixed in the wind. Polka dots are patterned throughout the look in the button up and interior of the imperial jacket.
Imperial was an Italian brand that I saw throughout Switzerland and in Milan when shopping post Christmas sales. (I only shop sales.) The outfit was a bit of a splurge and a bit disappointing in the end. I love the style for work or for a girls dinner, but the construction is a bit weak. The thread on the skirt’s hem is loose and needs to be fixed. The jacket zipper is rough at times.
Let me know if anyone is interested in a post on sewing a hem.
Ralph Lauren Crossbody Bag | Franco Sarto Acropolis Derby from Nordstrom ($36.90)

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